Weather for Sailors

Our Marine Meteorology courses provide you with the weather knowledge you need to safely enjoy your time on the water. The course is split over 2 days, foundation & advanced, and each day can be booked individually. The courses are led by our highly qualified meteorologist and consist of a mixture of lectures and practical exercises throughout the day.

Our courses are normally held on Saturdays at our venue in Bath, 09:30 - 16:30. However, bespoke courses can be arranged for group bookings and these can be held at your own site if preferred. The daily price is £234 (inc. VAT) per person and includes course notes, exercises, certificate of course completion, lunch and refreshments.

Marine Meteorology - Foundation

A 1-day introductory course covering the fundamentals of marine meteorology. Topics covered include:

  • Wind formation, strength and characteristics
  • Cloud types, formation and use in forecasting
  • Identifying signs of change in the sky
  • Fronts, air masses and associated weather
  • Causes of poor visibility
  • Avoiding hazardous weather conditions
  • Interpreting weather forecasts and observations
  • Sources of weather information

Marine Meteorology - Advanced

A 1-day comprehensive course for those looking to expand their knowledge of marine meteorology. This is recommended for people who have completed the foundation course or are already familiar with the topics covered. Topics covered include:

  • Wind effects on wave conditions
  • Beaufort scale and weather observations
  • Sea breeze and local winds
  • Global atmospheric circulation
  • Cloud types and their formation
  • Tropical weather, cyclones
  • Low and high pressure systems
  • Fronts, air masses and associated weather
  • Visibility, precipitation and fog
  • Thunderstorms and squalls
  • Weather chart interpretation
  • Satellite imagery and radar
  • Shipping forecast
  • Sources of weather information

Marine Meteorology - Custom

Fully customisable course exclusive to you and your group. Pick the desired topics from all our marine courses (you can also add your own specialisms or emphasis) then contact us for a quote. Courses can be 1-3 days, depending on the topics selected, and can be held at our venue in Bath, or at a location of your choice.

Weather Course for Sailors is now available for booking!

For course dates, or more information on the topics covered, please contact us.