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Our industry-tailored weather courses have been designed by an expert in the field of meteorology.  Here at Weather Skills we understand the significant role that weather can play on your activities and the importance of understanding and working with it. The weather can impact on all aspects of life, whether that's running a business, flying an aircraft or enjoying leisure activities. Since the weather affects people and industries in different ways, we provide a range of courses emphasising the knowledge and skills needed for your area of interest.

Our courses have been carefully constructed to provide you with a solid foundation in the subject, giving you the skills and knowledge you need to make important decisions, whether that's relating to safety or business activities.  Our courses are suitable for people new to meteorology and can also be a valuable refresher for people with more knowledge of the subject and looking to expand their expertise.

Weather Skills - Weather training course provider

At Weather Skills we provide a friendly and supportive environment for you to learn and develop new and valuable skills. Our courses are delivered by a qualified and experienced instructor in a setting designed to enable you to get the most out of your training. Our training courses are taught using both lectures and demonstrations, and your newly acquired knowledge is then reinforced through carefully constructed exercises, allowing you to practise what you have learnt. You will be given comprehensive course notes to use during your training and these will then make a value reference for you to take home afterwards.

Weather Courses for Pilots


Weather courses designed to give you skills and knowledge to fly with confidence.

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Weather Courses for Sailors


Comprehensive courses ideal for beginners, or as a refresher for experienced sailors.

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Weather Courses for Industry


Courses designed to give you the confidence to plan your activities and maximize opportunities.

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